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Educators and Motivators of Women and Youth Toward the Shooting Sports, Personal Defense and Firearms Safety.

( . . . Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Industry Professionals, Enthusiasts and Organizations that Support Reaching Women and Youth, Worldwide.)

     Shooting for Women Alliance is a nonprofit organization that has been formed to educate women and youth worldwide about personal defense, firearms safety, conservation, and enjoyment of the shooting sports, as well as provide a networking base for associations and clubs that have been functioning separately toward similar goals. We believe that by creating strategic alliances with organizations, industry leaders, and grass roots enthusiasts who support reaching women and youth worldwide, everyone will benefit.

     SFWA does not limit access to the site to only members. Although SFWA is a forum for women who are shooters themselves, our goal is to reach women and youth who have shooters in their lives but may not yet belong to any club or organization. We continue to reach out to those uneducated with regard to all the sport of shooting has to offer, as well as reaching people who are apprehensive or not actively supportive of the shooting industry. Most importantly, we do it from the "softer side of shooting" approach.

This site is designed to help bring together the efforts of women and youth organizations in varied shooting venues to give professionals and novices alike a forum to share information, communicate with each other, and locate products and services of interest to "the softer side of shooting" . . . enjoy!
       Shooting for Women Alliance continues to rely on those companies and organizations who have already begun a strategic alliance with us and plan to move on "shoulder-to-shoulder" with you as we all offer more to the largest growing segment of the industry—women and youth!    

      SFWA is the only organization of its kind and makes every effort to participate in other not-for-profit organizations' events whenever possible. We participate in trade-related shows that provide opportunities to educate women and youth in keeping with our mission statement. Monies raised by SFWA are used to pay for participation in such events as well as to continue to provide educational information and opportunities for women and youth in print and on the web. 

Mission Statement:
     SFWA will make every effort to educate and motivate women and youth regarding personal defense, firearms safety, conservation and enjoyment of the shooting sports. SFWA will provide an avenue for the benefit of networking among women and youth for the purpose of education and motivation toward it's purpose. SFWA's "softer side of shooting" approach will be the manner in which we reach out to professionals, novices and those who have yet to get involved. 

SFWA's Purpose:
     The purpose for which this organization is formed is exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501C of the Internal Revenue Code. No part of the activities of SFWA shall consist of carrying on propaganda or attempting to influence legislation; nor shall it participate in, or intervene in, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. SFWA will only engage in any and all lawful acts which may be necessary, useful, suitable or proper for the furtherance of the purposes of the corporation that are permitted to be carried on by a corporation exempt from Federal Income tax.

—Susan and Rob Rexrode,

shooting for women
SFWA naturally came about because of the wide appeal of Shooting for Women magazine, first published in 2001. The publication offered "the softer side of shooting" to women and youth nationwide and moved toward bringing together the different venues the shooting industry had to offer. Women began sharing with us their frustrations in trying to locate "what women want" in a mostly male dominated arena;  and, their desires for "the softer side of shooting" to expand into offering educational opportunities designed especially for women and youth. Thus, SFWA held the industry's first national women and youth oriented conference ever in Nashville, Tennessee in 2003. Phoenix was the site of the second conference. (For more information, visit the Conferences link on this site) Now, SFWA has designed this website to bring the educational and networking opportunities of the conferences to women and youth worldwide from the comfort of their homes, 24-7, combined with a one-stop source for products and services and what's hot in the news!

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