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   Defensive Handgun Tactics
            Learn the techniques that will help you prevail when you need to use your handgun for personal defense!

Everything is provided in this course.

You may bring your own handgun and carry items (holsters, purse, etc) to develop the techniques using your own equipment but it is not necessary for successful completion of the course.

(Classroom only)

After you have taken the necessary handgun safety course as part of the requirements to apply for and receive a permit to carry a handgun for personal protection, the next step is to learn some basic and semi-advanced tactics to be more prepared in the event you are attacked. This course reviews numerous scenarios and offers tactical answers that can be used to more effectively defend yourself as you attempt to stop the threat.

Levels of awareness and techniques are learned and practiced in a hands-on classroom environment without the use of live fire. Different scenarios will be presented and worked through by students to help master defensive tactics with a handgun for the purpose of personal protection. Techniques for safely and efficiently drawing a firearm from a holster and other concealed places will be learned. Students will participate in split second decision making activities to help improve reaction and response techniques. (No live fire, all classroom instruction.)

This course also expands your knowledge of the handgun, introduces different reload techniques, cover vs. concealment, non-supported shooting, and drills for defense against an attacker with a knife. 

Everything is provided in this course. You are encouraged to bring your own handgun (no ammunition) and holster/purse for maximum benefit. Take home course materials will be distributed. 

(Classroom only)

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SFWA's Defensive Handgun Tactics is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to help women (and men) develop the skills and mindset to increase the odds that they will prevail in the event of an attack against them or a loved one. Students will take away a number of key elements and techniques that can be readily mastered for use in self defense.

Let's face it, once we decide we need to have a firearm for self defense, the need is prevalent enough that taking years to master defensive fighting skills is not an option. This course helps fill that gap and prepare students to be able to perform a number of techniques to stand a fighting chance against an attacker.

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