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   Handgun Laser Training Tips
and Techniques
            This course brings the possibilities of a Laser-equipped handgun to life!

Everything is provided in this course . . . 

Dry-fire in the classroom and live-fire on the range with handguns equipped with

brand lasers are provided at no charge as part of this course.

BRING your handgun(s) if they are laser equipped or if you want to find the best laser product for your make and model specifically.

(Classroom and Range time included.)
  Truth be known, not all lasers are the same
. . . learn the BEST laser products for your personal defense needs!

If your handgun is not already equipped with a laser, you will want one after participating in this course. Watch your level of trigger control and precision shooting abilities rapidly increase, as well as your comfort level in pulling the trigger when only seconds count.

Installation of aftermarket lasers will be demonstrated. Dry fire exercises in the classroom as well as tips on correcting shooting errors using firearms with both factory equipped and aftermarket lasers bring the benefits of carrying a laser equipped handgun to light for even an experienced shooter. (*Students will be able to purchase a laser for a handgun at a SFWA discount rate.)

Lasers are a girl’s best friend when it comes to point and shoot techniques and the ability to identify the exact point that the bullet will hit from virtually any position—rather than trying to successfully "acquire" a safe sight picture by using traditional front sight and rear sight alignment under duress. This course will help you improve your shooting skills as well as equip you for laser precision.

Everything you will need to participate is provided in this course. You may bring your own handgun(s) if it is laser equipped or to determine the best laser for your firearm. Course instruction, supplies, and use of firearms is included.

(Classroom and Range time)  


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SFWA's Handgun Laser Tips and Techniques is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to increase accuracy, confidence and performance with a handgun in low light conditions, too.

"Don't let others discourage you from enjoying the benefits of a laser-equipped handgun because you may 'give away' your position when you chose to activate a laser in a personal defense situation . . .  that may be the least of your concern . . . learn why . . ."  

Those who are new to shooting will increase accuracy and confidence quickly with the benefits of this course!  

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