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   What Women Want
            This is the opportunity to "shoot" a lot of handguns and discover carry options that suit your lifestyle!

Everything is provided in this course.

You may bring your own handgun(s) if you want a comparison to the other options presented.

Course instruction, range time, targets, ammunition, use of firearms, and lunch is included.

(Classroom and Range)
Before you decide what handgun you want to to use for personal protection, discover what women want in a carry firearm  from an up-close and personal perspective . . . by shooting both revolvers and semi-automatics of different types and calibers suitable for carrying for personal protection. It is disturbing each time a woman shares her frustrations having spent money on someone else's recommendations. We hope you will spend some time with us in this course to avoid costly mistakes . . . and to discover for yourself why only YOU can make the right choice(s)."

—Susan Carrichner Rexrode, SFWA Founder

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SFWA's What Women Want is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to help women determine what they want in a handgun for personal protection, how to carry it comfortably and securely, what caliber is best, the trigger pull that makes shooting more enjoyable and effective, and very importantly, how it relates to each woman's individuality . . . truth is, one-size does not fit all!

After all, it really is NOT about pink!

(Participants receive a $Money$ saving
coupon toward the purchase of a handgun.)

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