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   FREE Handgun Carry Classes
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We are the most popular place to take the Handgun Carry Class; thus, those who consider us competition
very often attempt to convince those interested in taking our courses that there are
hidden fees, excessive travel, range issues, or other misleading gimmicks.
We look forward to you and your loved ones joining the more than 10,000 students
who have participated in classes with SFWA since 2008. It's fun, informative and empowering!

Handgun Carry Permit courses are held at various
Shooting For Women Alliance  University Campus locations, including Bass Pro Shop! Please read the schedule closely to determine dates, times and locations as they may vary to help accommodate more people's busy lifestyles.

Please do not worry if you will be able to "qualify" at the range, or spend a lot of time shooting hundreds of rounds practicing. As unbelievable as it may seem, SFWA has the ability to help students who have never even fired a handgun shoot well, the first time! We would prefer that you save your ammo, and simply attend the course and enjoy your time at the shooting range with us.

Safety on the range is essential . . . we keep
the stress level low,
and the success level
high, for our students!

Plus, students may use our firearms for FREE! Actually, we encourage you NOT to purchase a firearm for personal protection, prior to taking the class as you will be better equipped to make a more educated decision.
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SFWA has been offering Handgun Carry Permit Classes for FREE, since 2008!  We have helped thousands of women, and men who accompany them, pass both the written exam and live-fire requirements of the course necessary to apply for a permit to carry a firearm for personal protection . . . and our dedicated volunteers look forward to working with you too!
Couples, groups, friends, family, and co-workers are encouraged to share the experience many others have enjoyed! 

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EMAIL US NOW TO RECEIVE A LIST OF UPCOMING CLASSES Sponsored by SFWA at various Handgun Carry Permit School Locations
Classes have been scheduled in anticipation of a resolution with the State.
SFWA schools and instructors would NOT teach the New State of Tennessee's Handgun Carry Permit Course Curriculum
due to safety issues, errors and omissions. The course is not safe for our students.
Our Founder and Director has been dealing with the issue legally.
Please email us for more information and/or to be put on the notice email VIP list. 
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