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   What Women Want
            It is not about "pink", it is about you!
A non-profit organization
dedicated to the
education and
motivation of women
and youth toward all
the shooting sports
have to offer . . .
events, chapters,
membership and

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SFWA is one of only a
select few Level II State
Certified Handgun
Training Schools!
Your Source for What
Women Want in Firearms
Education . . . multi-training
opportunities for the
novice to the instructor!

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Get a copy of
Kids and Guns
just released!

NEW! TOP 100 Master
Instructor Program featuring
SFWA's Exclusive State-of-the
Art REAL LIFE Scenarios Simulator designed specifically for CIVILIANS
to increase the odds you will prevail
in a self-defense situation.

Includes all 7 Sets of Course Materials and FREE Advanced Instructor Training, too! . . .

A Video Magazine of
real life inspirational
stories featuring
women who have
one extra-special
thing in common . . .
they are:
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