2022 Awards Presented
at SHOT Show in
Las Vegas!

Presented at SHOT Show in Las Vegas NV

LAS VEGAS, NV—January 20, 2022: Shooting for Women Alliance presented firearms industry leaders 14 awards for product excellence that help increase the odds civilian women will prevail in a self defense situation. More than 100,000+ women weighed in this year on “What Women Really Want” for guns and gear when their lives depend on what they carry and the training they pursue.

 Topping the list for 2022 included the following brands which have received the exclusive award multiple years since 2015 and their products that consistently beat the competition for women this year:

Breakthrough Clean Technologies’ - Gun Cleaning Kits

Black Hills HoneyBadgerTM Ammunition

Sig Sauer’s P238 & P938 1911 Compact Semi-Autos

North American Arms’ 22 Magnum Revolver

Springfield Armory’s XDs – Mod2, 9mm & Ronin EMP 3 1911 9mm

Walther Arms’ P22

BlackHawk’s Serpa Holster

Stealthgear USA’s – Ventcore Belly Band & Ventcore Ankle Holster

 New to the list of industry award winners are long-time industry brands that have met the criteria for an exceptional product for the first time this year:

Glock’s G44, 22 caliber semi-auto

lethal lace’s Universal Wrap Concealed Carry Holster

Plus, 2022 introduces the newest category of award winner presented for excellence in a training product:

Laser Ammo Technologies’ – Smokeless Training Simulator

Criteria to be considered as a LADIES CHOICE Award recipient include: a women-friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink (although customization options are appreciated). All products are tested first by SFWA Certified Instructors for safety and application; however, it is the thousands of women who participate in 4-8 hour training courses offered by SFWA who determine the recipients. The products selected have proven to be of sufficient quality and design to be selected by women who have made the decision to purchase guns and gear for the purpose of personal protection. SFWA is not paid by any recipient to promote their product(s) as LADIES CHOICE, nor does SFWA represent any of the manufacturers. SFWA does not sell products or receive commissions from the sale of products. Important note: Four other well known top selling small concealable carry pistols often purchased for women from two leading manufacturers were in the mix during training and women consistently either refused to shoot them after feeling the recoil and bruises to their hands or sold them to purchase LADIES CHOICE guns. Selections for gear also included popular name-brands that were similarly set aside for LADIES CHOICE gear.

“Women want tools that work with their individual qualities that allow them to perform instinctively, without compromise, and ultimately help increase their odds of prevailing if they are attacked,” Susan stressed. “Each product receiving an award had a common feature: women preferred them over competing products, even when compared with those boasting to be female favorites or top sellers. Sadly, many had already spent money on other guns and gear advertised as 'best for women' . . . only to have been disappointed for a number of reasons. These personal protection products were favorites because of quality, style, reliability, function . . . and the ‘no-pain’ factor. Yes, it is possible to find guns and gear that makes it enjoyable to practice with the actual tools a woman will rely on to protect herself!” Specific products receiving 2022 LADIES CHOICE AWARDS are included those listed below. Click to read their full story and you will discover those who have continued to receive the award. Congratulations to the 2022 Winners at SHOT Show in Las Vegas!


The best cleaning kits and the best cleaning products!

Multiple years a winner and going strong!

One again, StealthGear USA comes out a winner!

Now exceeding 2 million rounds and still performing!

Excellent to train with and for self defense!

Perfect when tiny is preferable

The ankle holster you forget you are wearing!

Self defense depends on the bullet doing its job . . . 

The gear you need for retaining your handgun in a fight for your life 

Realistic training is priceless!

An awesome carry gun for so many reasons

The universal carry system for women of all shapes & sizes 

Note: The products SFWA features here are not just made of "pink" . . .
they are designed to meet the needs of ladies' unique qualities!

These products have been "Softer Side of Shooting" certified by SFWA and showcased with the now more than 100,000+ ladies (and a few good men) who have trusted SFWA for handgun training for the purpose of personal protection. The 2022 LADIES CHOICE AWARDS are featured here!

The "try before you buy" option is not very often easily available [and often do not include all popular guns and gear that work for women] and "trying AFTER you buy" can be very costly to the pocketbook and the person. Please email your comments, product suggestions and questions to: susan@mysfwa.com . . . we will put them to the test for ladies everywhere!


See when it all started . . . 

Learn the history of SFWA's LADIES CHOICE AWARDS

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