“Many people who are in the shooting industry have no idea of what brought me here. Actually, I had no idea my path was destined for what I have been doing for now more than 2 decades. Most who know me, see the joy that I have when I am helping civilians grow in their path toward personal protection . . . maybe that is why I could have surpassed 100,000 students in 2018 without counting myself . . . when you are having such fun, time flies!” -Susan Romanov

Susan Consults for 50 Year Old Gun Store and Shooting Range 

Continued . . .
Tennessee 1997-1999

A marketing and business consultant since 1979, Susan professionally entered the shooting industry in 1997 while taking a well established firearms business to the next level. Since that time, Susan has gained the respect of manufacturers and industry professionals as a publisher, writer, motivational speaker, firearms expert and innovative trainer.

It all started when Tennessee initiated the Handgun Carry Permit program in 1996 and essentially did away with civilians being given "special deputy status" by the county Sheriff. After being held hostage in her home at knife-point in 1992, Tim Hutchison, long time Sheriff of Knox County, called Susan to his office and explained that "law enforcement is only minutes away when seconds count" [she believes that he coined that phrase in 1992 which is quoted today by many] and told her to go get a gun and report for training with "Kojak" explaining that Susan's life needed protecting and that she would have to pay [what turned out to be $1,076 a year] for insurance as a special deputy. [Tim Hutchison would later send his daughter to SFWA for training to get her carry permit. Honorably, Tim Hutchison was awarded the highly esteemed SFWA Eagle Award in 2019 (pictured).]  

Understandably, Susan did what the Sheriff told her to do. To her amazement, when she went to purchase a gun at a local gun and fishing store the salesman gruffly told her, "we don't have guns for girls!" However a muffled voice from the stock room said, "we got in a Lady Smith revolver today . . ." Before he could finish his comment she quickly replied, "I'll take it!" [What happened after that is included in Susan's Women of a Different Caliber story. Email us for a copy.] She made significant changes to the revolver, took training from Kojak, and worked through increasing the odds she would prevail when being stalked for 2 years thereafter. 

Susan continued to pay for the insurance yearly to maintain her special deputy status, and carry her S&W revolver for protection until 1996 when she was required as a civilian to take the 8-hour course and apply for a permit. Susan chose to take her course at the 50 year old business for which she later became a consultant in 1997. Until her job was done there, Susan maintained an office at the business and ran her marketing company and multi-title magazine publishing company simultaneously which is how Susan became known in the industry nationally.

Who knew Susan would open the only range in the country designed specifically for women, their friends and family in 2013. [Family Fun Indoor Range]


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