“When my friend asked me if I was afraid being diagnosed with malignant cancer in my neck headed for my brain, I never hesitated. When you know and trust the Lord, you are not afraid of going home, I explained. It even puzzled me a little because I truly was not afraid, anxious or alone. For the first time I felt what is often said, I had peace without understanding in the face of losing my life to cancer, virtually without notice.” -Susan Romanov

Susan's Miracle Healing from Cancer . . .

Continued . . . 
October 2005

If you look closely in the photograph, you can see a lump of cancer in Susan's neck which she never saw in this photo until after the cancer was gone. It was the kids who actually noticed it first while participating in Backyard Adventures in Christ with Wilson and the Praise Pals, a children's church interactive puppet ministry Susan authored with Gods' help in the 1980's which is being filmed today with more than 100 episodes to be shared with kids worldwide. Susan and a few kids from the projects were going to 3 YMCA locations on 3 different days each week during the summer with the full 36 ft set disassembled on a trailer pulled behind her car and puppets carefully held by the kids traveling with her. The older kids at each YMCA would operate the puppets and do the skits while the younger YMCA kids participate in the backyard stories. The kids who traveled with Susan from the projects were 8-10 years old. They would help load and unload the set from the trailer, run the sound, and help the YMCA kids facilitate each episode. As the summer was coming to a close, kids from each of the three YMCA locations came to Susan and asked her, "When do women get Adam's apples?" Susan then asked the YMCA director, "Are kids learning about Adam's apples this week?" Puzzled, the director replied, "Not to my knowledge . . . but do you realize you have a lump in your neck?"  Susan had not noticed, but it was there. She smiled, "Apparently I don't look very closely in the mirror!" After making an appointment with her doctor, it was determined to be a large faster growing malignant tumor on the right side of her neck which was what the children observed, and a smaller slower growing undetectable malignant tumor on other side of her neck. 

It happened fast, the biopsy, the surgery and then the treatment [which Susan later learned that only 7% of those who take the treatment actually survive] that kept her in solitary confinement for three days. The severity of the treatment should have been more recognizable from the hazmat suits worn by the technicians and her food being passed through a place in the door to the room she was confined to for three days after receiving the treatment. However, Susan was not worried.

Fun Fact: Susan's best friend was curious as to why she seemed more concerned than Susan. Even though her friend is a Christian, Susan's peace was beyond understanding. Susan was unafraid, not anxious, and explained that she was not alone, "God is with me always."

Without shedding tears a single time, Susan spent three days relaxing and trusting God would see her through this situation. She often tells the story with jubilance, "On the third day, I rose again in the shower!" Smiling, she explains what happened:

I was taking a shower, letting the water flow down on my head. Without any anxiousness, I simply rose my face into the spray of the shower and with my eyes closed said, "God, I wish you would take whatever is causing this cancer out of me now." Immediately, I felt my mouth full of what I thought was water. Backing out of the shower spray, I wiped my eyes and opened my hand to catch what turned out to be the most beautifully colored bright red blood I had ever seen! I knew at that moment God had healed me and as I poured two more mouthfuls out of my hands, "I now I said now, but that is awesome!" Ten days later after a full body scan to "track the cancer moving in my body" . . . there was no cancer. I am not in remission, I am fully healed since October 2005. To God be the glory always. 

In all classes, SFWA shares the miracle of Susan's healing and the fact that God loves everyone, even the person who may be trying to hurt you in a self defense situation. The mentality of pulling the trigger in self defense because it is legally accepted, is still taking the life of one of God's creations. Your life is always worth saving so that you can live to do what God has for you to do in your life for Him. Only you will know when you have no choice but to pull the trigger in self defense in any given situation. Sadly, society has been desensitized to taking the life of another person, just because they are in my house to steal a TV. Many argue what-if's that may be seen differently in two different cases based on a jury. Just because it is legal does not make it right in God's eyes. The grace you show another may be the very thing that saves their life from Hell. Your intent should never simply be to "kill" or "destroy" your attacker. It should always be your last choice.


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