“There is an understood code of ethics among professionals in any industry that you should not discredit your competitors to make yourself look better. I absolutely agree. However, after waiting two decades for trainers in our industry to get it right, I have made the decision to tell the truth when it comes to training as a civilian. The most important element is to stay alive and live free after using deadly force in a self defense encounter. I am not law enforcement or military [although I received my training about firearms and self defense from those who are]. Through the years, I have stood by respectfully hoping that the techniques being taught would be refined for what civilians face in self defense situations. Truth is, it continues to go unnoticed, untested and sadly, unchanged. You see, I know first hand what it is to have to defend myself as a civilian and the dynamics of living in constant fear for my life for 2 years and 5 1/2 hours. The techniques I was taught, were fine for military and law enforcement objectives but would not help me, a civilian. As an instructor, you should never stop learning yourself. For me, when I review the techniques used by most of the leading training outlets, I cannot truthfully participate or support them. Especially with 'permit-less carry' becoming more accepted nationwide and less people being required to take any legal, live-fire or safety training before carrying a handgun for personal protection, now is the time for me to start the conversation and share the techniques that truthfully increase the odds you will prevail as a civilian when your life depends on it; and help more than the 100,000+ students who have already trusted SFWA for our exclusive civilian training methods." -Susan Romanov

Susan Introduces "Unplugged" Featuring "Truth in Training®" . . .

Continued . . .
January 2017 to Present

After being a part of the industry for more than 20 years, Susan finally decided to step up and talk "Unplugged" about many inappropriate training methods for civilians and others that will not increase the odds of prevailing in a real-life encounter when seconds count, especially for women. In a world where it is customary to ignore what others do and focus on your qualities when you speak in pubic, the "Truth in Training®" program is designed to bring to the forefront for discussion the ineffectiveness of many techniques being taught by some of the industry's more publicized "experts" . . . and talk about why or why not use of those techniques are effective for civilians.

Understandably, most people who train civilians about shooting guns and selecting the gear they will use for self protection have a military or law enforcement background or received their training by non-civilian-minded instructors. Naturally, the techniques passed on to students come from the training methods instructors have received themselves; which are based on whatever the intent of military and law enforcement objectives may be in a situation that has very different dynamics. 

Civilians are faced with different circumstances and typically will not have backup or a partner standing nearby when they are fighting for their life. Civilians won't get the call to move in, or time to unlock and load, and will not be on a planned mission. Truth is, civilians most likely will find themselves in situations where the even most talented law enforcement and military professionals fail 99% of the time . . . they will be ambushed. Yes, awareness is essential; but you still have to increase the odds you will prevail by using tips and techniques that will reduce the time it takes you to operate your self defense tools and physically fight for your life.

Very few firearm instructors have sustained an actual attack or experienced a fight for their life as a civilian and had to put to the test the techniques they are using to train civilians while in actual fear for their lives. There is a very significant difference in the dynamics of self defense with a firearm as a civilian, which is the foundation of "Truth in Training®" for civilians. Even champion competitive shooters during competitive shooting events are not in fear for their lives; it is a totally different dynamic as well. Importantly, "Truth in Training®" is not about trashing trainers, it is about truth that saves civilian lives in the world in which we live, and keeps them a free citizen afterward. Email us to stay informed.

There are many people who have relied on what is posted online to acquire education about firearms and self defense techniques. SFWA believes that getting your training from "YouTube-University" can provide a seriously flawed false sense of security and unknowingly place you in a world of hurt when a real-life threatening event occurs. The "Truth in Training®" series is designed to put the tips and techniques taught online or in person by many firearm trainers and firearm enthusiasts to the test of what to expect as a civilian who will mostly likely be subject to an ambush situation being forced to defend your life with seconds to respond effectively. Being able to trust your training without compromising your ability to prevail in a real-life self defense situation comes from education beyond blindly following or applying tips and techniques being taught by firearm instructors and enthusiasts . . . or champion competitive shooters who typically perform under stress in a controlled environment where beating your opponent(s) is the focus . . . not being in fear for your life and all the elements that come with defending yourself when seconds count. You will be enlightened as SFWA puts training tips and techniques to the civilian self defense test. The result, you ultimately will confidently trust your training and become more empowered to defend yourself when seconds count. 

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