“There is much to tell about Shooting for Women Alliance that is not included below. Most appreciation goes to the industry which has come to respect the mission of SFWA and to our many volunteers who have helped make our efforts a success. Thank you so very much!” -Susan Romanov

Susan Starts Shooting for Women Alliance
a [501(c)3] Non-Profit . . . 

Continued . . .
Tennessee 2003

Shooting for Women Alliance was formed to handle events and training by donation to further the mission of empowering women toward the shooting sports and personal protection. Click to View a short video put together by a group of college students in 2014 who loved what we do and wanted to raise money for SFWA. They were so happy when they presented a check that greatly surpassed their target goal! No one receives a paycheck from the non-profit which is run by all volunteers. SFWA is not a women's shooting group or sales organization of women's products. SFWA does not sell the products it supports and is supported solely by donations.

SFWA has developed teaching tools that help leaders, facilitators and chapter leaders of ladies shooting groups offer their members civilian training opportunities that will increase the odds they will prevail if attacked. The materials are designed to be used in hour-long segments to allow training sessions during group meets or as a full course. The intent is to better equip those who want to make a difference for women in their local areas who want more than a basic course or renditions of techniques used by law enforcement or military that really do not apply to what a civilian woman will face in a self defense situation. 

The reach of Shooting for Women Alliance includes the United States and other countries such as: England, Scotland, Italy, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Russia and the Orient. Because the focus of SFWA is not based on a law enforcement or military perspective, and is designed for the civilian mindset, women (and men) are more comfortable stepping into the world of firearms and personal protection. Most importantly, SFWA's teaching techniques are not less effective than the techniques used by non-civilian entities, our techniques are just more effective to increase the odds a civilian will prevail in an attack. Fact is, the most trained and decorated military and law enforcement professionals fail 99% of the time when they are ambushed. We as civilians do not have a mission to carry out, nor do we get a radio call telling us to unlock, load and move in, or have a second person scheduled with us during the times we may find ourselves in harms way. Civilians are on our own most often, and even with improved awareness skills, we will be ambushed 99% of the time. Improving the odds you will prevail requires training that is designed for your lifestyle.

SFWA also mentors young people toward becoming responsible firearms owners and trains SFWA master instructors by invitation only. We encourage you to add our training techniques to your tool box by reaching out and getting to know us better!


Our Founder Through The Years

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