increase the odds you will prevail if attacked, build awareness, confidence, ability and more with your own personal trainer!

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All of our ONLINE courses are taught by SFWA Certified Instructors . . . using curriculum developed by the Founder of Shooting for Women Alliance . . . and designed specifically for civilians who want to increase their odds that they will prevail in an attack . . . and learn in the comfort of their own home!

"After being held hostage in my home in 1992 for 5 1/2 hours at knifepoint and then stalked for 2 years before there were carry permits or stalking laws, I learned quickly that self defense was my responsibility alone. There were no classes for women, no gear designed with women in mind and, worse, the law enforcement/military led training I received would not help me as a civilian defend myself efficiently and effectively. I was scared and alone. That experience and my journey thereafter was the necessity that created what is today a training mindset and technique that proves that staying alive is more than a gun and gear and training that made no realistic sense for a civilian having been in fear for my life for 2 years and 5 1/2 hours. I loved life and did not want to live in fear. After being in the shooting industry professionally since 1997 as a consultant and publisher, SFWA was founded in 2003 to help women and their families from a civilian perspective which has proven effective over more than 20 years and 100,000+ students I have personally taught. SFWA has developed these online courses that have segments of LIVE virtual interaction with SFWA Master Instructors and a personal trainer to help you with your unique qualities. You will experience effective and efficient techniques that will empower you in your personal journey. My sincere thanks for trusting SFWA in your training. I am always just a phone call or email away from any of SFWA's tens of thousands of students, and look forward to adding you to my list of new best friends."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


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This class is recommended to take 1st | Before buying a gun or gear to avoid costly mistakes and increase the odds you will be able to perform more naturally and avoid losing the gun in an altercation.  

What Women Want . . . 
Get Custom-Fit for a
Gun and Gear ONLINE

This is one of our most popular courses! You will have a scheduled time after taking the course with your personal trainer to assure you are set to go shopping!

This class is recommended to take 2nd | After you have acquired the gun you will carry for personal protection.  

Practice Power and Precision
. . . Learn How To Practice with the Precision Necessary to Be Powerful When It Counts ONLINE

This is one of our most popular courses! 

This class is recommended to take anytime | Because the reliability of your handgun depends on the mechanical condition of the gun, this is a must take course for everyone.

Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance 101 ONLINE

Everything you will need to know to clean your gun is included in this course; and will receive a special SFWA coupon to purchase the Ladies Choice Award winning "green" cleaning/lubrication supplies that not only outperform the leading brands but they will soon become your favorite too! 

This class is recommended to take 4th | Or after completion of the Practice Power and Precision Course

Defensive Handgun Tactics ONLINE

This course is centered around awareness, handgun retention, close up encounters, and the tips and techniques needed to fight with a handgun because civilians will most likely be in a physical altercation when defending their life. This course includes live virtual training with a SFWA Master Certified Instructor at a convenient time for you.

This class is recommended to take 5th| This is the ultimate fire drill . . . protecting you and your loved ones within the floorplan of your home. 

Personal Protection At Home ONLINE

This course is designed for the entire family and is centered around your home's layout and particulars. Like no other course in the country, you will discover how your lifestyle and living arrangements interact with your self protection . . . and so. much more!. This course includes a live virtual training session to review your floorplan and individual home protection plan.

This class is recommended to take 6th | Before buying a laser for your defensive handgun, this class is a must

Laser Tips and Techniques/ Shooting in Low Light ONLINE

This course is designed for use of a laser by a civilian. Let's face it, your attacker will already know your whereabouts most likely and use of a laser will provide those new to defense with a handgun the extra assurance that they will hit the target in a stressful situation. Lasers have many benefits as a tool and selection of the one that will help you best increase the odds you will prevail is discussed. This course has live virtual training in low light conditions. 

This class is recommended to take ASAP | Before carrying a handgun open or concealed without a permit in the state of Tennessee, this course is a must.  

New Gun Laws in TN Course ONLINE

The things that the media does not tell you about the. new "Constitutional Carry" [actually "permit-less carry"] and where and when you can carry legally. New penalties are increased to felonies; and there still are people who will not qualify to carry a handgun in TN. This course begins with a mock trial where you are the jury and the result is very eye-opening for civilians! This class starts with a mock trial where you are part of the jury!

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