Women's Express Concealed Handgun Carry Permit Course

This course is the only ONLINE CHCP Course designed specifically for WOMEN civilians who are interested in carrying a handgun for personal protection in the state of Tennessee and beyond. 
Plus, there are inspirational messages and tips and techniques women enjoy throughout.
Total Cost is Only a $28 non-refundable Donation to Shooting for Women Alliance . . . a non-profit entity formed by Founder, Susan Romanov in 2003 to help educate and empower women to defend themselves. She was held hostage in her home at knife-point for 5 1/2 hours and stalked for 2 years in 1992 . . . before there were carry permits or stalking laws. Since 2018, Susan has trained more than 100,000 women in TN alone.
Thank you in advance for helping SFWA continue to offer training for women and their families across the country via your donation

Step One . . . 
Register for the class

Click on the "Register Now" icon above to register for the course NOW. The course is completed at. your own pace and you may log in and out at your convenience until complete. The course will take a minimum of 90 minutes to complete and you will receive the certificate necessary to apply for your Concealed Only Handgun Carry Permit

Pay $28 Non-Refundable Donation to Receive a Link to Begin the Course Today! 

Step Two . . .
Watch your email for your downloadable certificate

The certificate you receive is so nice it is suitable for framing or for a keepsake from your completion of the course. Print it or save it, either way you need the information for the next step required to apply for your permit

EMAIL us if you do not receive your certificate; but 1st please check your spam email box.

Step Three . . . 
Check List

After completing the course, please collect the following documents to get ready to apply for your Concealed Only Handgun Carry Permit:
1.) Certificate of Completion
2.) Proof of Citizenship
3.) $65 Fee 
4.) TN Driver's License or ID

Email if you have any questions. Please allow 48 hours for a reply outside of regular business hours. 

Step Four . . .
Make your online application and appointment with the DMV in your local area

You will be required to visit the Tennessee Department of Handgun Safety and Homeland Security website to make your online application. You may also visit a full-service DMV location in your local area to apply. Appoints may be required.

CLICK HERE to make your online application with the state. 

What to expect . . .

You will join a few thousand women in Tennessee who have already completed this course
and received their Concealed Only Handgun Carry Permit!

Online Only . . .

This online course does not require you to go to a range and qualify with a handgun to be issued the Certificate of Completion. This is strictly an online course. Be advised that completion of this course will result in you being able to apply for a permit to carry a handgun CONCEALED ONLY.

Women Love It!

SFWA's Online Concealed Only TN Carry Permit Course is easy to navigate and read for beginners as well as those more experienced with a handgun. You will take short quizzes along the way to assure that you know the answers required to pass the course. No worries, we make it enjoyable so that the course time goes by quickly and upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion via email!

TN Law and more . . .

This online course covers the current Tennessee Law and other requisite subjects associated with handgun safety practices and procedures, the safe cleaning, storage, use of handguns. Plus, marksmanship basics, and considerations for selection of the best gear and gun to carry for personal protection.

SFWA . . .  Women's HCP Choice Since 2008!

SFWA has been offering Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Classes for FREE and by donation, since 2008! We have helped tens-of-thousands of women, and men who accompany them, pass both the written exam and live-fire requirements of the course necessary to apply for an enhanced permit to carry a firearm for personal protection. Now SFWA is offering this online course for women (and men) which is designed in the same woman-friendly presentation . . . a few thousand women have now chosen this course!

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry?

The choice is yours, there are benefits to both depending on the circumstances and will depend on the permit you select. For example: The Enhanced Carry Permit is an in-person 8 hour course that also includes live-fire training and has guaranteed reciprocity with the 34 states that recognize Tennessee's Enhanced Carry Permit. You also have the benefit of the hands-on help of an instructor; and you are permitted to carry open or concealed in locations which are NOT permitted by the NEW "permit-less carry law" [aka: Constitutional Carry]. Under the new law, one important difference is: You may carry a gun without a permit but NOT in public parks, waterways or greenways.  Whereas the Concealed Only Permit will only permit you to carry where others cannot see your handgun; and, it permits carrying when traveling in certain other states.   

Help is Available . . .

Please email us if you have any questions before you begin the online class, or call us Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Noon 'til 5pm on Sundays. [EST] We are closed Mondays.
Emails are often monitored after regular business hours and it is very possible you may receive a reply before our next business day.
Plus, while you are taking the course, you may reach out as well if you have any questions or need personal assistance; such assistance is only available via telephone during regular business hours. Why are we there for you as much a possible? We want you to succeed in your journey toward acquiring a permit to carry a handgun for personal protection and appreciate your confidence in SFWA for your training choices!

Frequently asked questions

Once you log out, you will sign in again and select the LESSONS menu tab. Select the next lesson you have not completed and continue taking the course. You may log in and out as often as necessary so that you may complete the course within your own schedule requirements.

No worries, we are here to help answer any questions you may have. Remember, we are closed on Mondays. You may email us 24/7 and we will respond as soon as possible. Our regular business hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday Noon - 5pm [EST]. You also may reach us via phone at 865.329.3293 during regular business hours.

The course is designed to take a minimum of 90 minutes to complete pursuant to state requirements. You may take longer if you like as the course is not a timed event. The actual time required to complete the course depends on you.

The course is not meant to cause you stress. It is an easy to understand course that is applicable to those new to handguns or those who may already be proficient. Simply take your time and when you answer the quiz/test questions do not rely on what you may have been told outside of this course . . . all of the answers are specifically found within the course lessons. Relax, get your favorite [non-alcoholic of course] beverage and move through the course at. your own pace . . . no pressure, no stress. You will do very well!

Plus you can receive a Digital Copy of Shooting for Women's Best Handgun Options for Women Ladies Choice Special Edition

A $9.95 Value is yours FREE . . .

SFWA's Founder, Susan Romanov, wrote and produced this awesome guide in response to the never-ending questions surrounding the best guns for women which also includes how to custom-fit a handgun to your unique qualities. It is yours FREE when you take the online Women's Concealed Only Handgun Permit Course!

Call or EMAIL us with any questions . . .

SFWA is available to help you through the process of your online course. You may call us during regular business hours Tuesday - Sunday [We are closed Mondays] at 865-329-3293 or email us for a prompt reply. You may log in and out of the course as often as necessary and you will receive a certificate suitable for framing which is required to apply for your "concealed only" handgun permit.

Call or EMAIL us with any questions . . . 

Phone 865-446-2699 during regular business hours and someone will help you get registered as well, or you may simply click the link to review the class schedule and to reserve your seats ASAP. 

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