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Handgun Cleaning and Maintenence 101 - Proper Maintenance Provides Proper Performance

Learn the proper way to clean and maintain your personal defense revolvers and semi-automatics!

(Classroom Only)

SFWA's Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance 101 is a comprehensive "hands-on" course designed to help women
(and men) learn to clean both semi-automatic and revolver handguns effectively. Some disassembly required, of course!

This is the 3rd course you should take

What to expect . . .

"Firearms are mechanical devices that are subject to failure, and must be maintained properly to avoid the potential for malfunctions . . . especially when you need them most. SFWA Instructors help you each step of the way to disassemble, clean and reassemble your firearm so that you can do it yourself efficiently and effectively."—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


Bring your own handgun(s) and we will teach you how to clean and maintain them. Hands-on training as well as demonstration of the intricacies of cleaning both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns help you master the task. Different types of cleaning materials and methods are covered. (Some supervised disassembly and reassembly may be required. Cleaning supplies provided. You must bring a manual for any handgun you bring to class.)How to determine if your firearm is safe to operate, what types of ammunition may be used in your handgun, and the specific maintenance issues you will encounter are covered with regard to your specific model(s), as well as revolvers and semi-automatics in general. Don't forget to bring your firearm’s manual with you!

Although many women prefer to have the men in their lives do the dirty work when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their handguns used for personal protection, it is important that every gun owner know and understand how to disassemble, clean, reassemble and maintain their firearms for a number of reasons. Believe it or not, there are tons of ladies who actually ENJOY cleaning their firearms, too!

This class is best taken after you have acquired the gun you will carry for personal protection so that you will have an intricate understanding of the inner workings of your gun, how to maintain it and how to clean it. That is the reason this course is suggested to be taken third in the series of increasing the odds you will prevail in an attack. If you do not own a firearm yet, you may still participate in the course and use one of ours as you learn the process to clean handguns. Everything you will need to clean your handgun is provided FREE in this course! (All guns which will be cleaned in this course must be accompanied by a manual.)

Fun Fact:
Look at the photo of the woman shooting. Did you know that fire comes out of the barrel each time you fire your gun? This photo is especially interesting; do you see the vertical line of the case ejecting from the gun? These actions happen so fast that many never see them happen. Nothing to fear though as long as the gun is pointed in a safe direction and you are wearing eye and ear protection.
Now, back to cleaning and maintenance . . .

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your handgun is essential to it performing properly when you need it most. Relying on others to clean and maintain your firearm is not necessary when you understand how easy it is to properly clean and maintain it yourself. Your handgun is an intimate partner in protecting your life and the lives of those you love, and it is extremely important that you are intimately familiar with how it operates and how to properly care for your firearm. This course is essential!

We recommend that you do not purchase any cleaning supplies prior to taking this course as everything you will need to clean firearms is provided in this course. You will also receive a special surprise! Bring your own handgun(s) and manufacturer’s manual(s). Demonstration handguns are provided, too. Plus, you will experience truly "green" firearm cleaning supplies that work better than any of that smelly chemical stuff that has been around for years from 2015-2022 LADIES CHOICE Award Winner . . . Breakthrough Clean Technologies. [Use the code: SFWA20 and receive 20% off of your order. SFWA does not receive any funds from the sale.] Plus, it doesn't discolor your nails either!

What some of our students have to say . . .

Christina A

Kingston, TN

It always surprises people when I spray a bit of the cleaner on my tongue while describing that Breakthrough Cleaning products are truly green! No taste, no odor, no kidding. Best of all they work better than those cleaners that have been around for decades that smell harsh.

Tracey W

 Corryton, TN

I was so excited to learn that my child could help me when I clean a my guns and not fear harsh chemical reactions. My children want to help me no matter what I am doing now they can participate when we clean guns. I won't use anything else to clean my guns except Breakthrough!

Bobbie D

Knoxville, TN

I really did not look forward to cleaning my gun, but I love shooting it and carrying it for personal protection. It really was not as bad as I anticipated . . . now I know how my gun works on the inside and the importance of keeping my carry gun clean and maintained!

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